Like most folks between 2006 and 2018 you have consumed hours of vogue clips on Youtube & Instagram. You’ve tried to mimic Willi Ninjas duckwalk in your bedroom mirror and Sinia’s catwalk in socks on your living room floor. You may even lust to walk the ballroom floor one day. But where can you learn more, and most importantly from who? With so much misinformation about voguing on the net & the rise of vogue classes we decided to compile a list of actual performance legends and ball walkers who will help you get your TENz! Danielle Polanco ( @dannip18

The Coldest Winter Ever Part 3 “The Tundra”

Icon Sinia & Ballroom Throwbacks Presents The Coldest Winter Ever Part 3 "The Tundra". Saturday, January 27 at 2 PM - 11 PM Knockdown Center 52-19 Flushing Ave, Queens, New York 11378 We want to see ballroom excellence at its best. From the competition,the energy,the fashion, and the talent. Afterwards is an after party and the next day WHAT’s The Kiki BALL Aftermath Icon Acknowledgements presented by Sinia Ebony Londyn Mugler F.Q.Runway Londyn De Richelieu Jacen Prodigy B.Q.Face Jacen Bowman Legendary Acknowledgements Emery Garcon B.Q. Face presented by Whitney Garcon Julius Revlon B.Q. Face/Sex Siren/Realness presented by Tony Revlon Julius Moody

Origins Ball – Father Ryan Energi & Founder Ultraa Energi

TENz flew out to San Francisco this weekend for The Origins Ball presented by Father Ryan Energi & Founder Ultraa Energi. The ball kicked off to beats by the Legendary Vjuan Allure and LSS by Legend Dashaun Lanvin & Spiider 007 calling out Devine Chanel, Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza, George Mizrahi, Jocquese, Martha Chono-helsley , Shea Mizrahi, House of Infiniti and the House of Energi. Highlights of the ball included virgin vogue where married couple Daniel & Brandon battled the house down and made the crowd go crazy. They both went on to walk multiple categories with Brandon winning Bizarre. With


Frank Ocean celebrated his 30th birthday this weekend with a Paris Is Burning themed ball. Frank has seemly had a interest in ball culture for a bit as he sampled an audio clip of Crystal LaBeija from the film The Queen on a song from last year’s Endless. A week prior Frank popped in to Vogue Knights LA to check out the local Ballroom scene. For those wondering, YES! The ballroom gurls were in the building including: The House Of Labeija ( Kia Labeija, Leggoh Labeija, Derrick Labeija) DJ Mike Q,  Miss Shale St Laurent, Tre Rodeo, Trace Mizrahi, Hurricane Khan,Roxy

The Heritage Ball III 2017 – NYC BLACK PRIDE

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of NYC Black Pride, Founder Lee Soulja, Icon Michael Maasai Milan and Icon Michael Ebony are proud to present to you THE HERITAGE BALL III: Family Reunion on Saturday August 19, 2017. Check out our mini recap below & BRTB Vids above! (Click for high res)


TENz had the privilege to cover the Red Carpet at GMHC’s 27th Annual Latex Ball & the kidz served looks! STAGE PHOTOS - CLICK HERE RED CARPET PHOTOS - CLICK HERE


New York City Black Pride weekend is August 16th - August 20th 2017. Celebrating the 20th anniversary celebration of our cultural heritage.. NYC Black Pride is an annual five day multicultural event targeting the Black and Latino Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. WEDNESDAY August 16, 2017      HEALTH AS A HUMAN RIGHT                 @ 6PM - 10PM      The LGBT Center- 208 W. 13th Street      IGNITE XX (The Opening Reception)    @ 7PM - 2AM      The Hangar Bar - 115 Christopher Street THURSDAY August 17, 2017   

The Latex Ball Presents “Unleash Your Muse”

GMHC presents the 27th Annual Latex Ball July 29, 2017 Terminal 5 610 West 56 Street NYC We’ve all been inspired by someone or something that triggered the very essence of our creativity in so many ways. We’ve influenced the world with our ballroom culture, style, dance and language. Through diverse art forms, a muse (a person, place or thing) sparked an artist to think outside of the box. This made the artists want to create the best! GMHC was inspired to partner with our community to combine, art, science and creativeness to fight the burden of the HIV and


From the ballroom scene to the mainstream to Lexington Avenue. Bloomingdale’s is presented some of the world’s most sought after VOGUE performers, and runway divas. Voguing has become a powerful phenomenon that began in the gay community which continues to evolve both stylistically and demographically. Bloomingdales gathered an amazing ensemble of world renown DJ’s, dancers and entertainment that delighted crowds in front of their Lexington Avenue windows. The show featured International DJ Vjuan Allure, Drag Superstar Harmonica Sunbeam, Pioneer Icon Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza, Justin Labeija, Omari Mizrahi, Jamel Prodigy, Kia Labeija, Gisele Xtrava, Tyra Allure and more!

Legendary Leiomy Maldonado For NIKE

To celebrate Pride Month and honor the LGBTQ community, Nike released a video campaign that pays homage to the art of vogue and to a voguing legend - soon to be icon , Amazon Mother Leiomy Maldonado. The new spot was written and directed by Daisy Zhou who wrote on Instagram that a year ago she had made a spot on spec for Nike about dancer Omari Mizrahi and “instead of being #sued, @nikenyc reached out to me to direct and shoot this piece for their Equality campaign.” Zhou’s use of slow-motion shots highlight Lei's dynamic flexibility & skill and
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