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14 Couples To Follow On Instagram – Valentine’s Day Edition

 We follow so many great accounts on Instagram and would like to share our jealousy with you on Valentine's Day!
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Robert Munguia – @Lifeofteedoh

Who is your favorite person you follow on Instagram? Kylie Jenner of course Grindr? Tinder? Or Jack’d? None of them!  Favorite gay slang you use in everyday conversation? Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch A post shared by Robert Munguia (@lifeofteedoh) on Aug 19, 2017 at 5:10pm PDT   Biggest pet peeve on a date or relationship?  The way someone eats or someone who talks way too much. Your favorite tattoo and it’s meaning to you. My unbreakable tattoo because it was during my darkest times. It showed me no matter how bad I wanted to die, it showed me how strong I really was. 
Double Tap

Angel Cartel – @angelcartel

Name one LGBT figure that’s doing great things but not getting enough attention? I would say Janet Mock. She's been highlighted to an extent but when you think about the uproar that trans rights have caused recently, you would think more outlets would have reached out to her as opposed to a Caitlyn Jenner. Her book "Redefining Realness", is an amazing read. Who is your favorite person you follow on Instagram? That's a tough one! I really enjoy watching @itsisabelbedoya. I don't do makeup but she's so good at it, it's hypnotizing. She's gorgeous, her videos are amazing quality and