‘Sense8’ Returns Set Two-Hour Finale Set at Netflix

Thanks to the support from fans following Netflix’s cancellation of ‘Sense8,’ the show has announced that it will be returning for a two-hour finale episode. The news came in the form of a letter from co-creator Lana Wachowski. “The outpouring of love and grief that came in the wake of the news that Sense8 would not be continuing was so intense, that I often found myself unable to open my own email. I confess I fell into a fairly serious,” began Lana Wachowski. “I had never worked so hard, or put so much of myself into a project as I had with


In celebration of Pride month and continuing the movement to uplift and empower Black Gay men, on Wednesday, June 21st, journalist, content creator and LGBT activist Emil Wilbekin returns with the Second Native Son Awards honoring renown contemporary artist Kehinde Wiley; successful business managementconsultant and renown philanthropist, Reggie Van Lee; and creative strategist, advocate and President of Next Model Management, Kyle Hagler in New York City. Additionally, the event will showcase a rare performancefrom Miss Lawrence, actor, TV personality, celebrity hair stylist who appears on Lee Daniel's hit show STAR onFOX. Launched last November, the Native Son Awards was created by Wilbekin to

Angry Flaggots: Exclusive Inclusivity of a Gay Pride Symbol

By Chris Cali The internet erupted this week over a debate that, quite frankly, doesn’t make much sense. To celebrate LGBTQ Pride this year, Philadelphia added a black and brown stripe to their rainbow flag, the longstanding symbol of Gay Pride, activism, rights and liberation. The intention was to highlight the contributions that Black and Brown folks have made specifically to the Philadelphia LGBTQ community, to symbolize the Black and Brown trans women who are still being murdered at alarming rates, as well as to address the rampant problem of anti-black/brownness that still exists within Philly’s LGBTQ spaces. Somehow this