The Coldest Winter Ever Part 3 “The Tundra”

Icon Sinia & Ballroom Throwbacks Presents The Coldest Winter Ever Part 3 “The Tundra”.
Saturday, January 27 at 2 PM – 11 PM
Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave, Queens, New York 11378
We want to see ballroom excellence at its best. From the competition,the energy,the fashion, and the talent. Afterwards is an after party and the next day WHAT’s The Kiki BALL Aftermath

Icon Acknowledgements presented by Sinia Ebony
Londyn Mugler F.Q.Runway Londyn De Richelieu
Jacen Prodigy B.Q.Face Jacen Bowman

Legendary Acknowledgements
Emery Garcon B.Q. Face presented by Whitney Garcon
Julius Revlon B.Q. Face/Sex Siren/Realness presented by Tony Revlon Julius Moody

Icon Sinia Time Capsule Awards Recipients
Legendary Kerri Mizrahi
Icon Tyra Supreme Ebony
Icon Ayana Christian
Icon Latisha Ebony
Icon Sandy Dior

BrtbTv Awards Recipients
Icon Kelly Mizrahi for all her contributions to Ballroom media! Kelly Harrison
Legendary Jasmine Khan Perseverance award. Keyles Pina
Charles Khan Social Media & Blogging Charles Keyes

Alloura Zion Vogue Visionary Award
Dashaun Wesley Lanvin Danielle Ninja Danielle Polanco


Best Dressed Spectator 2 trophies

1. Old way vs New Way “Snow Ninja” You have been sent to the Tundra to infiltrate its biome system. Concealed from head to toe come and deliver us a deadly performance 2 trophies 1 for $300.00

2. Bq Stone Cold Face – with a Sickening Attitude in a Winter White ensemble. $600.00 1 Trophy

3. Ota Team Runway “Ice Barbarians” A team of three deadly runways have been sent to pillage the Tundra. In icy creative effects incorporate the numbers 1-3 to represent who you and your teammates will battle. Savagely come and slay the runway 1 team trophy and $900.00

4. 3 Musketeers- 1 High Fashioned Streetwear, 1 Urban Streetwear, 1 Hot Sneaker. Winter 2018 pieces 1 Team Trophy $300.00

5. Ota Team Sex Siren & Body -“ICE CREAM”. What’s your flavor ? Each team of 3 hit the runway in an effect of your choice representing your interpretation of what flavor ice cream you would be. Sell it down, to a sexy reveal of your actual flavor. Be creative please , make the judges all want a lick. 2 Trophies And a show down for the $$$ ( Sex Siren Team 1 trophy, Body Team 1 trophy) $600.00

6. Team Realness ”Triplex” Bring forth a team of 3 representing the epitome of realness to the Tundra. 3 Team Trophies 1 for $600.00
1 Male Figure Legend/Icon. 1 FF Legend/Icon ,1 Executive. Bring us a weekend at a ski resort.
1 Pretty boy, 1 Fem queen, 1 Transman/Butch Dressed for The Coldest Winter Ever Gala
1 Thug, 1 drags, 1 schoolboy in a winter’s sports team effect.

7. Ms. Frost”FF Face” -You’re a breathtaking , chilling beauty. Tonight in a sickening fur faux or real serve us that carta with a red lip. Women vs Fq’s Vs Drags vs Big Girls 4 Trophies 1 for $900.00 

8. Team Fq Performance “Girl Group” In the name of The Supremes, Destiny’s Child, TLC, SWV etc. These trio’s have all inspired women with their originality and talent. Tonight bring forth your interpretation of a girl group of 3 to life. Whether soft n cunt,, legend or icon. Bring us a team of 3 in complimenting effects slay your competition. 1 team trophy $600. For the battles will you stay a team or disband to become a solo act?

9. Ota Trilogy Mr. & Mrs. Freeze- Face ,Body, & Realness. Come and freeze the runway in a well tailored suit or a form fitting gown. 3 Trophies Male Figures vs Fq’s vs Big Girls (Fq’s) 1 for $300 

10. Grand Prize-”The Trifecta” . Bring us the Power of three ballroom beings. Thee ultimate team of three that can walk three individual categories alone. Each team must consist of 1 Icon, 1 legend , and 1 statement /star. (Another legend can be utilized if you can not find a statement/star that fits the criteria). Formulate the ultimate team battle of destruction. $3000 Cash and Team Trophy . With a TWIST so chilly…it might leave you with a brain freeze ! The twist will be revealed after everyone has walked the category. Pick your team wisely to secure the bag. Your team will definitely count on it!

11. Ota Bazaar “The Tundra” Bring it to life ! $300 1 Trophy

12. “Triplets of Terror”- Team Bq Legendary Performance – You three have been sent in front of the Tribunal for your many crimes done against your opponents over the years. To fight your case you must present a unified, synchronized performance. 1 Team Trophy $300.00

13. “ Ota Fashion Triad”– 1 Best Dressed Fashionista in Fur, 1 Head to Toe Labels, 1 Foot , Eye, Bag . In a cohesive complementing 2018 WINTER look with a secret weapon. 1 Team Trophy $900

14. 3 Blind MIce- Ota Performance” Twisters vs Sisters vs Female Figures (Fq’s Drags & Women) 3 Trophies 1 For cash $900.00 . Plus $10 pot winner takes all. You must be able to VOGUE and represent your vogue style only. No Dancing ballet, hip hop, reggae etc. Your looks must compliment and represent your vogue style. You must have stamina and endurance to be able to sweep through the competition ! Tens will take place in between the categories. Battles will be 3 at a time.

15. Iconic/Legendary Fq Performance- “Yuki-onna”– Legend has it that Yuki-onna is a snow woman ghost described as inhumanly beautiful, whose eyes can strike terror into mortals that got lost traveling in the snowy mountains. She floated across the snow in stealth , leaving no footprints behind .She was an otherworldly beauty, Her skin was ageless and as white as snow. Her bodies is cold as ice, and a mere touch is enough to give a human a deep, unshakable chill. She feeds on human life force, sucking it from their mouths into hers with an icy breath that often freezes her victims solid. Tonight bring her to life in your own interpretation and show us that the legend is true that she is a deadly storm within herself. Icons/90’s Legends/Millennial Legends (Acknowledged after 2012) 3 trophies 1 for $1,000 Cash

Doors open at 1 pm. Lss/Awards Starts at 2pm sharp
Masters of Ceremony
Icon Jack Mizrahi
LegendaryKevin Jz Prodigy
Legendary Dashaun Lanvin

There will be no toleration for any violence in or outside this venue. In the unfortunate event this occurs you will be escorted away immediately. Any further issues authorities will be present at the venue.

Guest and Judges List Close at 3 pm NO EXCEPTIONS.

There will be Absolutely NO Video LIVES from the Stage or Runway. (Judges will be judging and not on live either) Only Cameras allowed on Stage is BrtbTv and Jack Mizrahi Television

The restrooms will be respected as they will have venue personell present at all times.

All smoking will take place designated areas outside. If you are caught smoking in venue you will be in violation to their penal codes and will be ticketed.

$30 before 5pm $35 After 

Any further questions concerning contact Ceasar Will or Sinia Braxton on Facebook.