Pump The Beat

Epiphany Meets Her Destiny

By William Cooke | Photo Scotty Kirby

“Everyone should believe they are the proverbial ‘shit,’” says Epiphany Mattel, the raw, unapologetic, and provocative Hip Hop artist who stirs pots and fixes plates by speaking her truth and not caring if people receive it or not, as long as they hear her.    Her debut single, #Fix Yo Face, is out now.

“You have to if you want others to,” she continues. “Confidence comes from within and shines outward which is what attracts people to you.”

Epiphany came out to her parents as trans in her teens.    Her mother, a devout baptist, tried sending her to priests to fix the problem.  Her father, a gay man who opposed the trans lifestyle, sought to beat the trans out of Epiphany.

She ended up leaving home and seeking refuge in the hood, where she learned street code and survival, becoming a dangerous beauty, a chameleon who can thrive in any circle or setting, a boss more concerned with creating her own lane rather than trying to fit into a predetermined space someone else chose to place her in.

Today, she stands strong in her truth, even if it offends others, and while she rarely starts trouble, she isn’t afraid to finish it.  “I may not be the baddest bitch in the game, but I’m one of them,” she contends.  “I’m destined for greatness and I’m not afraid to admit it.  I think we should all believe we got what it takes.   After all, who’s gonna believe I’m a star if I don’t believe it myself?”

What inspired the “Fix Yo Face” music video? 
I wanted a stripped away documentary feel, nothing too busy or flooded, but something up close and personal, simple and to the point that said, “Hello, It’s me.” It’s a tag line I use in all my work.  It’s way of letting everyone know Epiphany Mattel is in the building and only showed up to show out.

Who directed the video?
The video was directed by Assad Yacoub, the director of the hit film, Cherry Pop. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with him prior to Latrice (Royale, Epiphany’s manager) bringing him in on the project, but after our first phone meeting, I was already in love with him.

What made you fall for him?
His infectious personality.  After meeting and working with Assad in person, I only became an even bigger fan.  If I could put him in my pocket and just carry him around to cheer me up and on everyday, I would.

We hear you have big plans for your music, Epiphany.
I want to create a movement. Something like Neyo, The Dream, Partynextdoor, Kerri Hilson… even Kanye…where when people hear my sound, they know right away it’s an Epiphany Mattel joint.

Do you write your own material?
If you hear Epiphany spit it than she most definitely wrote it. I love to write. Its like the cheapest and most fulfilling form of therapy.  Not only do I write my own material, I’ve also penned some new material for Latrice and would love to start penning hits for other artists.

Isn’t that how you came together with Latrice?
I met Latrice Royale when she was looking for a feature rapper for her single, “Weight”.  Her people sent me the beat and I wrote my own version of the song just to give the producers plenty of material to choose from.  Latrice used a verse on the original version of the single.  She then turned around and used everything I wrote for the Lomoplex remix which is the version they used for the video. Latrice later said she would love to manage me and help me share my talent with the world, and that’s what brought us on this amazing journey we are currently on.

Did Latrice style you for the video?
The wardrobe was provided by Willam who, of course, everyone knows from RuPaul’s Drag Race, but I was a fan of Willam’s way before then. I knew him as a kick ass comedic actor from a few of my favorite indie films.I always loved his personality. He’s a savage in heels and I’m here for it. I can truly say that throughout the whole experience, he was the one person that I was star struck over when I met him. I mean like nervous, scared to speak,  just in awe. He and Latrice are really good friends and when the original designer fell through at the last minute, Willam opened his studio to us and told me to pick whatever I wanted. He was a true life saver.  He is on my list of “can’t wait to work withs.”

Who else is on that list?
I’d like to collaborate with Fly Young Red, Alaska Thunderfuck, Big Freeda and TS Madison. Those all are people that stand out as true originals and I love their style and art. When it comes to my mainstream collaboration dreams I’d have to say first and foremost K. Michelle, Teyana Taylor, Solange, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, Cardi B and who doesn’t wish they’d ever get the chance to collaborate with Beyonce, right?  Last but not least, the Queen Mother Ms. Erykah Badu.

Keep doing what you do, it will happen.
Oh I know it will, hunny.  I am a force to be reckoned with.  You just don’t know it yet and that’s cool, because in time you will.