Origins Ball – Father Ryan Energi & Founder Ultraa Energi

TENz flew out to San Francisco this weekend for The Origins Ball presented by Father Ryan Energi & Founder Ultraa Energi. The ball kicked off to beats by the Legendary Vjuan Allure and LSS by Legend Dashaun Lanvin & Spiider 007 calling out Devine Chanel, Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza, George Mizrahi, Jocquese, Martha Chono-helsley , Shea Mizrahi, House of Infiniti and the House of Energi.

Highlights of the ball included virgin vogue where married couple Daniel & Brandon battled the house down and made the crowd go crazy. They both went on to walk multiple categories with Brandon winning Bizarre.

With San Fran being the home of so many dancers and the rise of vogue fem classes, the All Style with a Twist was the most walked category of the night. Dancers walked Waacking, Turfing, Bachata, Pop & Lock, and more.

All of the winners of the performance categories battled for the $1000 Grand price which went to Machante 007!

Origins will be the 1st ball to count towards the upcoming SF People’s Choice awards presented by George Mizrahi & Ryan Energi in 2018.

Congrats to the House of Energi on a successful ball.