Top 10 Episodes of The Luna Show

A collection of our favorite ten episodes from The Luna Show.

The Luna Show is a web series started by Luna Khan Ortiz that featured the House and Ball community over the past 10 years. Through these candid interviews Luna has documented the rich history and the stories of ball walkers while  catching them in their element at the club, balls and house practices.

Check out some of our favorites!

10 – Princess Janae

9 – Dashaun Evisu

8 – Icon Ross Infiniti

7 – Paris Gotti & Trace Mizrahi

6 – Legendary Jennifer Evisu

5 – Icon Andre Mizrahi

4 – Legendary Stephanie Milan (Mugler)

3 – Stone Cold Legacy

2 – Leiomy Maldonado Amazon

1 – Tracey Africa

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